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Technical Writing

IT and Manufacturing, Specializing in Software Documentation and Online Help


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Reports, Policies, Presentations, News, Announcements, and Brochures


Graphics & Design

Although not a full-time graphic design provider, Mightier Than The Sword Consulting can produce design and graphic work as needed. View samples here.


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“Pat’s work is amazing. He has the rare ability to communicate clearly with a creative flair. This is a very unique talent. I highly recommend Pat and his work.”

                    - Ken Klingert, Business Partner Manager
                    - Unisys

“I have yet to meet a writer who possesses both the excellent writing skills and advanced technical abilities that Pat combines so well. He is a thorough and patient trainer. I have full confidence that no matter what needs your company has, Pat already knows how to meet them.”

                    - Christine Beckner, Consultant

“Pat does outstanding work. I would recommend him for any assignment he is considering.”

                    - Mark Rigsby, President
                    - Tyler Pulse

“I've never worked for or with a person who is more likeable, good-natured, fair, honest, creative, and hardworking. I wish I knew more people like Pat. I would welcome the chance to work with him again in the future.”

                    - Jim Tomiser, Consultant

“Patrick is the best Tech Writer that I have found in the St. Louis market. He can handle large initiatives and high-profile presentations. He is extremely friendly and helpful and is good for the  culture of a department.”

                    - James Holman, Client Services Director
                    - Maryville Technologies

“Patrick grasps detailed technical information very quickly. Learning new technologies and preparing the technical documentation, training materials and user guides, Patrick thrives in challenging opportunities.”

                    - Jared Ferraro, Vice-President of Development
                    - AMS Controls

“Patrick's quality and writing skills are excellent. He developed detailed training pieces for us that we've now been able to use as a model for future sections and provided valuable editing services on some of our key documents.”

                    - Adam Boelke, Vice-President of Operations
                    - American Water Resources

“Pat proved himself to be a talented writer. He always managed to get the job done by given deadlines and release dates. A team player, he was always ready to do his part.”

                    - Bryan Garcia, Vice-President of Technology
                    - TALX Corporation




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